Welcome to the terms and conditions that govern the “buy a bit” of a brewery offer for Otherside brewing co. Pty ltd (“Otherside”).

Before purchasing a “bit”, you must read, agree with and accept all of the terms and conditions contained in these terms and conditions, including our privacy policy (the "policies").

These policies change from time to time. If they do, we’ll let you know about any material changes, either by notifying you on our website or by sending you an email.

Our privacy policy may be accessed here.

Who can purchase a “bit”?

Any Australian resident, 18 years old or over may purchase a “bit”.

What a “bit” entitles you to

By purchasing a “bit”, you will become entitled to the list of entitlements outlined in entitlements section which may be accessed here.

As part of the entitlements, you will receive a personalised brick dedicated to yourself or a nominated person at either the Otherside brewery or at the Otherside Brewlounge at Perth airport, at the time of opening.  Your brick will not be able to be removed from its location and it will be held in perpetuity by Otherside and is not transferable or tradable in any way.

The list of benefits is limited only to those listed in the entitlements section and to an aggregate value of approximately $250. Otherside reserves the right to alter, amplify or replace the list of entitlements from time to time, however it will not materially reduce the aggregate value of entitlements. 

Saleability or transferability

A “bit” cannot be sold and entitlements cannot be transferred to other person/s or redeemed for cash.

Time period

Once you purchase a “bit” you will become the lifetime holder of that “bit” and shall be entitled to receive the ongoing benefits as outlined in the entitlements section.


If the purchaser does not feel they are receiving the benefits as described in the entitlements section, then they should contact Otherside who undertakes to respond and rectify their concern promptly. 

Otherside Flying Tycoons

If the purchaser decides to opt into the limited edition flying tycoons option for membership, in addition to all baseline tycoon entitlements, the member will receive the below benefits:

A flying tycoon t-shirt

A nominated incentive, at Otherside brewing’s Discretion, selected from the below options:

Free beer for a year at the Otherside Brewlounge from open date

1x free case of Otherside beer

1x brewery tour for four, including core range tasting paddles

All flying tycoon members will have their nominated brick applied at the Otherside Brewlounge unless otherwise specified.

Free beer for a year at the Otherside Brewlounge

Beer for a year to be awarded as a weekly free pint strictly at the Otherside Brewlounge at perth airport upon its launch. Monthly voucher packs to be allocated for 12 months, featuring weekly purchase periods.

1x pint of Otherside brewing beer may be redeemed within each weekly period, only during that periods and only by member themselves. Pints may be banked for collection at a later time. Free beer for a year at the Otherside Brewlounge package is not redeemable or tradeable for any other benefit or cash value.

1x free case of Otherside beer

1x 16-pack case to be sent free of charge to new member, consisting of a mix of Otherside 4-pack products, chosen at the discretion of Otherside brewing. Free case package is not redeemable or tradeable for any other benefit or cash value.

1x brewery tour for four

A voucher to be provided for the new member +3 friends to attend one scheduled brewery tour at the Otherside brewhouse, subject to available session dates and capacity. Attendees will receive a brewery tour and 1x core range tasting paddle each.

Attendees must all visit on same day and on same booking and booking subject to brewery tour terms and conditions. Brewery tour package is not redeemable or tradeable for any other benefit or cash value.